Seven Tactics That Can Help Make Your Home More Energy-efficient


Homeowners nowadays are looking for ways to build a home that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and basically energy-efficient. You get to enjoy lower energy consumption, which in turn lowers your energy bills and contribute to helping the environment. But what does it take to be part of the green home movement?

There are a couple of strategies that you can use to build an eco-friendly house. If you’re looking forward to building your home from scratch, then work with professionals who specialise in building energy-efficient homes. They will usually suggest suppliers who can provide you with eco-friendly materials to build the house and suggest to use void formers during the home building process.

But what if you already have a house but want to turn it into a more energy-efficient haven? The following can help you realise your goals:

Consider low-flow showerheads

Such showerheads use fewer gallons of water in every use. This means that every time you go in for a shower, you get to save more water as these use only 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Go the extra mile by replacing all of your water fixtures with low-flow ones.

Wash clothes in cold water

We often wash our laundry in a warm or hot water setting. But this uses far more energy. Consider using cold water when washing your clothes. You can always use a detergent that works for washing clothes in cold water. You get to save a tremendous amount of energy once you start doing your laundry in cold water.

Get rid of your incandescent light bulbs

LEDs and CFLs use less energy than old-fashioned incandescent lights. While it is true that these are a bit expensive, they are worth every penny as they last longer and cheaper to operate than incandescent ones.

Insulate your attic

Insulating your attic can result in improved heating and cooling. By sealing air leaks, you make your home safer, improve indoor comfort, and improve air quality in your home. This also helps your HVAC system last longer as it doesn’t need to work overtime just to maintain your desired indoor temperature.

Replace your old thermostat

new thermostat

When you’re always out and about, it pays that you replace your old thermostat with a smart, programmable one. This way, it can automatically adjust your settings depending on the time of day. You can match your schedule with your thermostat so that it can change the temperature automatically according to your preferences.

Go for an eco-friendly landscape

Strategic landscaping allows you to cut down energy costs while improving your curb appeal. By planting a shady tree in your yard, you’re helping make your home cooler during summer. You’ll also get that free shade that allows you to enjoy your outdoors.

Consider switching your desktop for a laptop

Nowadays, a considerable number of the population makes use of computers for work, play, and study. Instead of using a desktop, why not upgrade it into a laptop? When you compare the power consumption of laptops and desktops, you’ll find that the latter use more energy. Also, you can take a laptop everywhere, allowing you to use it anytime.

Making homes energy-efficient is a win-win situation for both homeowners and the environment. You get to save cash from lower energy bills while helping preserve the environment with your eco-friendly ways back home. When are you turning the green switch on in your home?

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