How to Attract More Customers Through Your Store’s Appearance

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Once you’ve already managed to attract customers into your store, thanks to your effective marketing plan, your next goal should be making a lasting impression. You only have one chance to do this, so your store’s design and decor must be superb.

Customers tend to associate the business premises’ appearance to the company’s trustworthiness. Imagine two stores side by side in Jacksonville, Florida or any other location. One has an old, worn-out facade and poorly maintained shrubbery, while the store next to it has freshly painted walls, tidy pavements, and a sign of recent professional commercial landscaping services. Which store would you deem more professional and trustworthy?

We’d obviously choose the store with the prettier appearance. Find out what you need to do in order to have inviting business premises.

Exterior Area

A premises’ exterior area is where potential customers form their first impression of the business. Make sure there aren’t any broken gutters, peeling paints, and sagging awnings. Keep the grounds free of litter, have garbage bins that are regularly emptied, and if there is fencing, ensure that it’s properly maintained. If your store is in a rented building that’s beginning to deteriorate, negotiate with your landlord on how you can make improvements.

To lure more customers, make a unique facade that will catch eyes instantly. Get inspiration from commercial design books or websites, and produce copies of the design elements that catch your interest. Don’t forget to check your area’s regulations on store facades so that you won’t run into any trouble.

Having a lush landscape garden will certainly impress customers. A local garden center can assist you while you buy greenery. Better yet, hire professional landscape artists because they can handle the maintenance, too.

Signage that stands out will call the attention of customers. Make sure it’s easily readable and that all light bulbs are working. Use durable materials that don’t break from the weather.

Interior Area

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If you’re a service company, have a pleasing welcome area inside your premises with a reception desk and comfortable seats. Hang some artworks on the wall or provide magazines related to your business so that your waiting customers can look at something pretty. To enhance their experience, make refreshments available, like cold beverages or a cup of coffee from your espresso machine.

Your premises’ brightness is also important. If possible, allow as much natural light inside, or install additional lighting fixtures otherwise. Light-colored walls and ceilings also make the area brighter, while some other colors can set the mood. Blue, for example, radiates calmness.

Keep your showroom and/or product displays organized at all times. Provide a spacious aisle that can accommodate PWDs. If you want to draw more attention to your products, displaying them creatively will help.

Monitor your premises’ cleanliness as well. Hire professional cleaners to ensure that the entire space is always tidy, including every nook and cranny. Once or twice a week of professional cleaning should be enough to maintain neatness.

With all of these enhanced elements, your business premises will feel more welcoming and look more professional and trustworthy. Be sure to maintain its impressive appearance to keep your customers’ trust and confidence in your business. Satisfied customers are more likely to come back until they turn into your loyal patrons, so treat them with a nice and attractive store.

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