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Are you looking for the right type of business card? Among the top options, the custom letterpress business cards are highly sought after for their intrinsic look yet functional nature. And with many designs to choose from, you can ask for bespoke service from a skilled company in Salt Lake City, Utah and other locations.

If it’s your first time, the undertaking seems overwhelming. But don’t worry, as professionals will help you get the right design. Even with a tight budget, a multitude of options exist.

You will have an idea about choosing the style that suits your business by learning these five different types of cards and finishing:

Brown Kraft Business Cards

You can afford brown kraft cards, as they are made of recycled paper stock. The optimal thickness is 15 to 18pt. The cards are perfect for small businesses, arts and crafts, and students. You can communicate a sense of respect for the environment by using them. They do not feel cheap because of their generous size, even though they are low cost.

The cards add a sense of authenticity and quality. It is advised to use black ink to ensure that the key information is clearly visible.

Silk Business Cards

You can come up with a smartly designed card with 16 pt thickness if having thick ones is not your option. Integrate a silky smooth finish to make catchy standard cards. They are so versatile that both small and large-scale businesses use them. Designing won’t be a challenge, as foil printing and regular process full-color print is easy.

Exceptional Black Business Cards

You will always want to exude something extraordinary to your clients if you are a sophisticated person like a consultant or esteemed designer. Use exceptional black cards if you have a big business, especially if you own a luxury brand, and you can continue amazing your target customers. To make your business details stand out, foil printing is the right choice.

You can make the thickness between 16 and 28 pt. Your company shows elegance with these cards whether uncoated or smooth with a rich feel.

Letterpress Business Cards

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Letterpress cards are typically thick, but soft. They are wonderfully tactile with clear impressions that cast shadows and light. That’s why you will normally get them with a thickness between 20 and 40 pt.

The three-dimension that the print exhibits produces the best result. This is the main reason boutique stores, artists, and graphic designers prefer this type of card. The material also works best for foil printing and Pantone spot color project.

Duplex Business Cards

The thickest card — duplex business — gives an impression to clients that you convey the ultimate in high-end luxury. Imagine the card has a thickness of between 28 and 38 pt. Some have 40 pt thickness to make them distinctive. Creative industries, investment firms and high-end technology-based businesses choose duplex business cards due to their quality and durability.

With a variety of paper stock options, printing finishes, and coatings available, you have the ability to express the image you want your customers to see.

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