What’s the Significant Difference Between Pest Control in the Home and in the Workplace?

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When browsing for pest control companies, you may notice that some offer residential services, some commercial services, and others both. It is important to hire the service appropriate to your specific establishment, because residential and commercial pest control have significant differences.

Here are some of them:


Homes are spaces meant to be lived in and are mostly similar in structure. This means that the pests or infestation problems for most homes tend to be similar as well, and that residential exterminators can solve the pest problems using the same set of approaches almost every time.

Commercial buildings, on the other hand, have a lot more variation depending on the kind of business being conducted in the establishment. A commercial building can be a hospital, a daycare center, or an industrial facility that stores various chemicals. So, commercial exterminators would need to prepare and adjust their methods for different locations. Most commercial pest control companies also create custom treatment plans to account for the variations in location.


Pest problems should be addressed as soon as possible, wherever they are. However, commercial clients might need their exterminator to be even more flexible and faster than their residential counterparts.

When dealing with an infestation in a house, the family can easily be relocated until it is done. Meanwhile, an entire business might need to shut down for several days until the pests have been totally cleared out of the building. A shutdown can cost a business a lot, so the pest control team would need to work quicker.

Letting people know that their establishment has an infestation is also likely to affect business reputation. This requires commercial pest control companies to be more discreet, which tends to come at a higher cost.

Pest species

bed bug

Homes are more likely to have insect infestations, because they usually store more fabric than commercial spaces. This can attract a wide variety of fabric-eating insects, such as moths, carpet beetles, and silverfish. Bedrooms may also house bedbugs, and kitchens and dining areas can be infested with ants. Termites can be a problem, as well, especially for houses with wooden foundations and floors.

While there might be only a handful of mice to kill in a residence, or a termite nest or ant hill to get rid of near the house, commercial pest problems tend to be major infestations. Commercial buildings are usually located closer to environments where pests thrive. A warehouse on the docks, for one, is vulnerable to a major rat infestation, while a restaurant kitchen might be attracting hordes of mice or cockroaches.

Preventive measures

Residences are usually smaller than commercial buildings, so it can be easier to implement preventive measures against pests in homes. The measures that work for one home could work for other homes, as well, and residential exterminators can use the same methods for each residential space.

Pest control prevention in commercial buildings may need to be customized according to the environment. Sometimes, the location of the business could make it more susceptible to certain types of pests. To address this, commercial pest control companies may offer more specialized and long term preventive measures.

Whichever type of service you choose for your pest problem, pest control companies will surely for their best to remove the pests that are infesting your home or business. Make sure to clearly communicate your problem and coordinate with your pest control company.

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