Types of Storage Systems You Need In Your Warehouse

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To ensure the safety and quality of your products, you need a wide, clean, and secure warehouse. The products you order in bulk cannot rest somewhere without proper storage and security. You could put them at risk of damage and robbery if they are left in the wrong facility.

A warehouse also needs personnel to handle all products stored. You would need an inventory team to keep track of the volume of your products – how many goes in and goes out, damaged or returns, etc. To ensure that your personnel can be efficient in their jobs, your warehouse has to be equipped with complete storage systems.

These include high-capacity commercial or industrial pallet racking, flow racks and more. Let us see all the other important storage systems needed in a well-organised warehouse.

Pallet Racking

This storage system is used for storing materials on pallets. The pallets are stored horizontally and on multiple levels. Pallet racking improves a warehouse’s overall organisation, and it is available in various styles and capacities to fit a warehouse’s needs.

Teardrop pallet racking is the most popular style; it is easy to assemble and is good for mixing and matching different brands. A forklift truck is needed to load and unload items on and off the pallet racks.

Industrial Shelving

For smaller materials, a basic storage system called Industrial shelving may be used. Forklift trucks and other warehouse vehicles aren’t needed at all to access items in this shelf. Materials are not stored on pallets, but they may be bundled using small boxes.

If not by hand, automated drones may be used to reach items stored high in these shelves.

Cantilever Racking

A cantilever rack is used to store long and bulky materials. It has no vertical beams that obstruct the storage spaces so that you can store even the largest and most awkward items like furniture. It can be designed to be able to load items as tall as fifty feet.

It’s also a fast and easy storage system that adds efficiency to a warehouse.

Flow Racks

These are high-density racking systems that bring all advantages of all other storage systems in one. They are also called gravity systems because of its mechanism that moves the pallets over rollers until it reaches the other end of its strip.

Forklift trucks don’t need to get inside the lanes, because materials can be accessed at the far end of the strip, where they are rolled over.


Stairs to mezzanine floor

Using mezzanines can increase storage and workspace in your warehouse. It utilises any unused existing vertical space. The space beneath the elevated area can also be used for storage and other purposes. Using a mezzanine is especially good if you are beginning to outgrow your warehouse facility.

It adds a substantial amount of space for additional material that needs to be stored. After being equipped with the storage system suitable for your business’s needs, do not forget about lifting equipment like:

  • Forklift trucks, which moves materials fast without risk of injuries and material damages.
  • Pallet jack, which is used both manually and electrically to lift panels.
  • Hand trucks and service carts, for easy transportation of boxes and other inventory.

With the right storage system, your products will be safe and secured, and they would be handled more professionally as well. With products that are well-organised and easily accessible, you can be more time-efficient and productive.

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