Types of Businesses that Make a Difference in the Community

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Starting a business is not an easy decision to make. You must get into it with adequate knowledge and essential skill sets. Plus, you must be brave enough to face the risk of incurring a financial loss. That is part and parcel of the whole endeavor. Regardless of the amount of planning and preparation you do, there’s always the possibility of your business not commanding its target market. Given how venturing into business is challenging as it is, you might as well go for an entrepreneurial idea that you’re sure to find fulfilling. And, ideally, it makes a difference to your community. Here’s a list of business ideas you might want to look into.

Child care

This business will help working parents. Your community won’t have to suffer the consequences of having adults who were once neglected, children. If you’re great with kids, this business idea is right up your alley.

You can build a child care business from scratch. Or better yet, you may look for a child care franchise opportunity. The latter option is most recommended to novice entrepreneurs. It’s the opposite of baptism by fire since you will get expert support from the franchise provider throughout the process.

Home school

The last year saw the closure of schools due to the pandemic. Students were sent home for remote learning. That made many hands-on parents realize that there is a viable alternative to school-based learning. We’re referring to home tuition.

If you are passionate about education, this business idea is for you. It will make you a legitimate stakeholder in the field. Again, you have the choice to build your home school brand or franchise an existing name. Go with the former if you thrive in challenges.

Home cleaning

Homeowners from all over the world have once again placed cleanliness on top of their priorities. That’s because if there’s one thing we learned in the past months, that’s how we cannot afford to be sloppy. There are too many health risks that could easily be avoided via proper house cleaning and sanitation. Still, many homeowners have too much on their plate already that as much as they want to keep their houses looking pristine, they do not have enough time to do the cleaning themselves. This is where you come in.

You may put up a home cleaning service. Here it would be best if you gathered a pool of cleaners. Plus, you will have to source out the safest cleaning materials in the market.

Book store

Reading is fundamental. That’s according to a reality/game TV show. And there’s no debating that piece of wisdom. If you want to foster a community of empathetic and open-minded people, begin by putting up a book store. The more a person reads, and the more they get to partake in the lives of characters that don’t necessarily reflect their own experiences and values, the more generous their spirit will be.

You may do special events like poetry readings, and Q & A’s with invited authors to keep your book store busy. Support book swaps as well if you want to attract more customers.

Dance and music studio


Your community will benefit from a dance and music studio. The neighborhood’s kids and teens who are most susceptible to delinquency will have a creative outlet. Instead of staying on the streets, they can hone their music and dancing skills.

Hire competent instructors. Take your penchant for social good a step further by offering scholarships.

Art gallery

Support local artists by running an art gallery. Give your community’s budding Picassos and Pollocks a home. You will earn a commission from the artwork you display as soon as it gets sold. You can also host fundraising events to defray the costs of daily operations. Surely, there’ll be many willing donors.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Many other business ideas have the potential to uplift the community you belong to. To start on the right foot, make sure to listen to what your heart tells you. That might sound like a cliched piece of advice, but it’s quite practical. You must know what you are passionate about. That will guide you in choosing what business route to take.

The best kind of business is one where you get to make your needed return-of-investment (ROI) to continue your daily operations while satisfying the cravings of your soul. If you know your entrepreneurial efforts benefit your community, you’ll be doubly fulfilled. To pull that off, all you need is a little inspiration and creativity.

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