The Fastest Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic

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One of the greatest gifts of the Internet to startups is how it offers a level playing field for businesses of all types and sizes. To maximize the benefits of the Internet for your small business, you need to get your website seen to attract a steady and high influx of traffic. There are many ways to do that, but these are the fastest ways to increase your website traffic.

PPC ads

Pay per click or PPC is when you pay search engines like Google to display your website at the top section of search results related to your keywords. With the biggest chunk of website traffic often coming in through search engines, PPC is such a fast way to increase your traffic. This is also a cost-effective form of advertisement because you only pay when someone clicks, and your website visitor is likely to convert.

However, you should take care not to overpay for PPC ads. Set the daily maximum amount you shall pay for the campaign. Search engines require you to bid for every keyword on which you want the ad to appear, so you must conduct thorough and efficient keyword research to determine your max bid. You have to maintain a high quality score, as well. It is a complex process, but hiring a reliable agency to manage your PPC campaigns will save you time, effort, and money in ensuring the success of your PPC ads.

Social media ads

Social media ads work similarly to PPC. The main difference is you are utilizing the data that a social media platform collects from its users to bring your ads to the right people. This method grants you access to billions of users around the world and allows you to narrow down your target to include only those who are most likely to convert.

Social media platforms contain a myriad of demographic factors, such as age, gender, interests, income levels, educational attainment, location and even political alignment, allowing you to micro-target your campaigns. You can also choose to show ads to your targets during a specific time of day. You need to maintain a certain score for your social media ads, as well.

Boosting social media posts

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Boost posts that did very well with your social media followers. Aside from being potential customers, your followers are also a testing area for new products, services or promotions. If they like something, that means your entire target audience does, too. Major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter let you boost your posts, and bring them in front of other users with similar traits and behaviors as your followers.

However, not all ads that do well are worth boosting. Boost only the posts that will increase your website traffic. The post has to link to your site, contain visuals (images, videos, GIFs), and appeal to the public or to a larger audience. Do not boost posts that link to someone else’s website, or are about events, promos, or contests that already happened.

In the digital age, your digital presence can make or break your business. You need to make the most out of your digital resources for your business to not only thrive, but also prosper online and offline.

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