The Existence of Family Law Firms is Important and Here’s Why

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Along with the advent of civil society was the creation of a set of rules that would bind its residents – it is more commonly known as the law. Throughout history, different situations called for various types of law. A spring of businesses created corporate laws, a rise in crime made more criminal laws, and with the complications of the family came family law.

The rise of law firms also made waves with the population boom. Now, we have firms dedicated to specific types of laws, such as the family law firm. There are several in Kent, Washington alone

An article from interviewing an attorney from Raphael Ramsden & Behers, a Pittsburgh firm, defines family law as an area of practice that includes under its umbrella several legal issues families may potentially face. (i.e., divorce, spousal support, child support, custody, adoption, protection from abuse, etc.)

Family law lawyers often answer that the best part of the job is that they are not only able to help people on a legal level, but also guide someone through what can be considered as the most challenging time in life. However, sometimes it can be tough when opposing parties are willing to fight to the death for their cases.

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The most important part of handling family law is how high the stakes are. Family lawyers are literally dealing with the smallest institutional unit in modern society – the family. The responsibilities that come along with that are sure to be great because someone’s life will be significantly affected by the outcome. Say for example that you’re a family lawyer fighting for a father’s custody of his child. Unknowingly by you, the father is abusive towards his child. This kind of situation sets the tone of how important the work of the family lawyer is.

Moreover, the existence of family law firms throughout the country is vital. A family law firm fosters a team of individuals that are passionate about helping and at the same time experts at what they do. Law firms also make it easier for individuals to approach and inquire about legal actions that they may pursue according to their experiences. Why? Family law firms ensure an individual that its lawyers have been thoroughly screened. It also helps them to open up more about their case.

People are already ashamed of discussing private family matters with their peers, what more if they had to explain issues to a complete stranger. Law firms ease off the individual’s woes because of how long they’ve been in practice.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in the United States, an average of over 20 people experience physical violence from their intimate partner every minute. This would add up to over 10 million victims of abuse in one year. 1 in 3 murder victims are female, and 1 in 20 of them are male.

These numbers are definitely scary, but it is also more reason that family law firms should exist. Lawyers, therefore, become protectors of the victims by fighting for justice.

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