Staying Safe During Long Drives for Women Entrepreneurs

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If you are a business owner, you know that traveling is an essential part of the job. Traveling while working can be fulfilling, but it can also be dangerous, especially for women. According to Business Wire, about 83% of women experience safety-related concerns or incidents during their business travels. Here are some steps that you can follow to ensure your safety on the long drives while doing business travels.

Get a business travel insurance

Unexpected things can happen when you are on a business trip. Some things are simply out of our control. But what we can do is to prepare for such incidents and how we can act before and after. Not everybody can afford to get insurance because, frankly, it might cost a lot. However, getting insurance for your business and employees is a must if you are a business owner.

As an entrepreneur, you will be responsible for many things, and there isn’t anyone who can be in charge of it except you, the owner. A business travel insurance will cover you and your employees for any unexpected expenses during your business travels, such as travel-related incidents or emergency hospitalization.

This will be incredibly helpful to your business and may reduce the costs that you will shoulder if something bad happens. You must have a financial back up because if you cover the expenses alone, it may result in your bankruptcy depending on the severity of the damages and incidents.

Conduct a research

If you are going to an unfamiliar place for your business trip, you may want to do advanced research, especially driving alone. Always stay updated about the hot spots and safe zones in the area you’re about to go to. Search for the safest route that you can before going on the trip. Make it a goal to get to your destination before sundown as it’s safer that way.

If you are planning on staying at a hotel, see that it’s a reputable one. When you’re hotel hunting, some things to consider are lighted parking lots with CCTV cameras surrounding the hotel and their lock system. Get a hold of a local map of the place you’re going to. And since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, you may want to know if the area has a high infection rate so you can come more prepared. Searching about what the weather will be on the day of your traveling will also be helpful, especially if it’s the rainy season or if there’s a blizzard coming.

If that’s the case, you may want to reschedule your travel for safety purposes. Driving while it’s raining is more dangerous and poses higher risks of accidents because it will be more slippery, making it harder to control the car.

Check your engines

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Before you go on a drive, whether it’s a short or a long one, make it a habit to check your car’s engines. Checking the engine oil, fluids, air pressure, air filter, battery, brakes, tires, lights, and air conditioner might save your life. Maintaining your car will definitely save you more money in the long run.

Remember that you are traveling for business purposes, and the last thing you want is to experience inconveniences such as getting stuck in the middle of the road or your tires blowing out while you’re driving. Checking your car will save you time and energy, which is very important for entrepreneurs.

Have a backup plan

According to Driver Knowledge, the average number of car accidents in the U.S. per year is 6 million. While some accidents are preventable, there are times when it isn’t. Besides getting business travel insurance, you may also want to hire a lawyer if something bad happened.

Car accident lawyers will handle the legal processes after you get involved in an accident. They will make sure that you get the right settlement that you deserve. Usually, they gather proper pieces of evidence that will help in determining the liable party. Communicating with your insurance company for appropriate compensation is also one of their jobs. And since legal jargon can be quite confusing, hiring someone who studied law for many years will help you understand it in simple terms.

Another backup plan is to have an emergency contact. It should be someone you trust and fully know. Give them your travel details, such as the hotel you would be staying at, and share your current area with them from time to time. You may also want to consider getting an emergency alarm app or a push-button app that can alert officials if there’s an emergency.

Being a woman is already hard enough when you are in a patriarchal society. There are still stereotypes about women, and being in the business world does not make it easier. So remember to take care of yourself, and stay alert and vigilant.

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