Should You Quit Your Job? Look for These Signs

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There are plenty of reasons to resign from your job. Maybe you applied for a loan and it was rejected because when your employment and income verification came through, you realized that your salary is too low to secure a loan. Or maybe you just don’t have the urge anymore to do your tasks.

However, a lot of people fail to recognize the signs that they’re no longer happy with their jobs. And it’s important to know the signs and act on it because if you don’t do anything, chances are you’ll get terminated. That’s much worse than realizing you’re no longer happy working for your company.

Here are the signs that should tell you it’s time to move on and find another job.

You drag your feet to work

Some feel dread when the thought of going to work comes up, while others feel incapable of separating themselves from their beds. Whatever feeling you may have, if it’s such a chore to go to work, then maybe it’s time to resign.

You rant about your work more frequently

It’s normal to vent your frustrations about your job or your boss to your friends when you’re out drinking on a Friday night. But if it’s only Monday and you’re already calling your buddies asking them to meet up with you at the nearest pub because you’d like to rant some more about your job, it’s obvious you’re no longer happy in your company.

You shortchange yourself

If you’re talking to your friends and you notice that most of your sentences sound a lot like, “The pay sucks but at least I get along with my boss,” or “It’s good enough for me. I mean the office is close to my apartment. Where else can you find a job that’s walking distance from where you live?”

Take a hint and hand over your resignation letter. You have every right to get the job and the pay that you really want. Despite the odds, if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to land that job you’ve been dreaming of.

You feel like you peaked

One of the common reasons employees leave their jobs is not that the salary is low. Rather, they leave because they don’t see any career advancement in their companies. If you’ve peaked at your job and it seems that there’s no more opportunity for you to go further, leave.

If you want your career to flourish and feel a sense of accomplishment, you should always look for challenges in your job. If your current job isn’t giving you those challenges, then it means there’s no more room for you to advance and that’s when you should resign.

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You’re no longer passionate about what you’re doing

Most people work because they need to pay the bills and most people stay with their jobs for the same reason. But, you need to decide if this reason is enough for you to stay. Working simply for the pay will gradually snuff out the joy in you because you’re not passionate about what you’re doing.

Recognizing these signs is important if you want something more out of what you’re doing than just  your monthly salary. You deserve to be happy with your job and if the signs say that you’re not, you owe it to yourself to make a change.

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