Search Engine Optimization: What Will Its Future Look Like?


With technology being at the helm of most of the world’s economy, it has a major influence on the future of a lot of companies; whether it’s small-to-medium business enterprises of large burgeoning corporate giants, technology is constantly evolving to fit the needs of the general public. Most businesses and companies are vying for control and dominance of the market through different key technological innovations.

Because technology and the social climate of the internet are always evolving, most experts would say that most trends are fleeting, especially when these trends can be easily replaced with other more efficient and convenient trends. For instance, most websites optimized for desktop browsers won’t get as many views or interactions from smartphone users since it’s not optimized for mobile browsers. Thus, most businesses and domains must adapt to the current trends since this will increase interaction and sales margins.

A common theory among experts is that every five years, most of these trends will need to adapt to changes in technological innovations. However, the search engine optimization industry has been going strong for years. This isn’t a surprise since search engines and the traffic that it brings every day makes it sustainable and will likely last for a long time.

But what does the future of search engine optimization look like? What are some key innovations in digital marketing that’s going to change the playing field? We’ll be delving into detail on the current trends in the market and how it will change the social and technological climate in the near future.

SEO Isn’t Limited to Your Desktop Browser Anymore

Contrary to what most people think, search engine optimization isn’t just limited to knowing what other people are searching on their laptops and desktops and can encompass various devices. In fact, the number of smartphone users has been steadily increasing in the past few years, and most would theorize that only a small percentage will be using desktop browsers in the new future. This is certainly true since there are billions of mobile users worldwide.

With most web traffic being accessed through smartphones, most websites should start optimizing their user interface, not just for desktop browsers but also for mobile browsers.

There are a variety of ways to approach digital marketing and search engine optimization. If you’re looking for different ways of increasing your business’s engagement and leads, you might want to consider a company that sports state-of-the-art facilities, professional and responsive marketing experts, and know-how when it comes to predicting the ebb and flow of the social and technological climate. Fortunately, companies like Truelogic Hong Kong are ready to help serve your company’s needs to help drive up your sales and your engagements.

Links Will Play a More “Special” Role


But other than just finding out about certain websites with the use of search engines, backlinks are considered to be one of the more “relevant” ways of getting people to up their game in terms of organic searches. But is it the most effective way for search engines to find out the best queries in the market? Well, not really.

During the first few years of search engines, they would link to spammy and irrelevant sources rather than links relevant to the context. These would show web pages and sites that were at the top of the search results but didn’t have the content that the user needed. This wasn’t good for marketing since users would be “put off” by these search engines.

But as years pass, most search engines would use different and increasingly sophisticated algorithms to get the best and most relevant sources on the top of the SERP. Thus, most people claim that manipulative link building won’t be as relevant as it seems in the next few years.

SEO and Social Media Marketing Will Become One

But other than just exploring the world of search engines and what it encompasses, social media platforms are also known for comprising a good chunk of activity on the internet. They will continue to engage billions of users. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will usually get billions of searches in a day.

If you’ve ever used the search engines for these social media platforms, you’d know that they’re not just used for searching people and are also used in looking for products and services. This is something that both search engines have in common: giving users much-needed services, products, and solutions to their problems. Still, how both industries have been interacting with each other to bring customers and users, the best experience is yet to be known.

The future of search engine optimization looks brighter than ever, and there’s bound to be even more innovations under the industry that will make the user experience even better and more convenient.

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