5 Crafty Ways Your Community Can Help Reduce the Planet’s Carbon Footprint

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Let’s face it. At the current rate, we’re polluting the Earth, we may not have a planet to live by in the years to come. Indeed, our planet is currently running out of ample room and needed resources. So much, there may be no way out for us but to colonize other planets on or before the year 2050. Simply put, the planet won’t be sustainable enough by that time. The seas, for one, will be emptied of the fishes we need.

Chief amongst these pollutants is our carbon footprint. Atmospheric CO2 helps warm the planet. But too much of it results in climate disruption: Global warming and climate change causing severe weather events such as wildfires, tropical storms, heat waves, and severe droughts. In the long run, crop production is affected negatively while our animals slowly become extinct one by one.

The good news is we still have time to make amends to our planet. Even better, your community can pitch in and act together to create positive change. The more people involved, the better. Below are crafty ways you can work as one to help lower our planet’s carbon footprint.

Upgrade to LED Lighting

It may sound simple but LED lights are a great way to help Mother Earth. That’s because these bulbs are more energy-efficient. Meaning, they consume far less power (up to 80% less) compared to those traditional incandescent and fluorescence lamps.

So when you use LED, you decrease your environmental impact. Plus, you reduce your monthly power bill. Even better, LED lamps last longer, even up to six times more than traditional bulbs. And if your community wants to have more energy savings, making a switch to solar-powered LEDs for outdoor use is spot on. #

Install Charging Stations for Electric Vehicle

Chances are some of your community members may be using electric cars right now and requesting the installation of charging stations. Electric cars leave far less carbon footprint than petrol vehicles. By putting up a charging station, you encourage the use of electric cars in your community.

Fossil fuel-powered cars (gasoline, diesel) release exhaust that damages our ecosystem. In the UK, for instance, transportation is the biggest contributor to the rising climate crisis.

Fortunately, there are ways crude oil can be repurposed to be useful once again. A good technology example here is modern oil mining. Using a proprietary remediation process, the company can recover hydrocarbons from crude oil in the soil, turning them into useful asphaltic cement to build roads.

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Plant Trees

When you plant trees, you not only boost your property’s value but also help Mother Earth. Indeed, it can be a great way for your community to clean the air up. Of course, you need to some planning when you do. For one, you can’t just plant any tree. Make sure you decide on a tree type that adds greater value to the community, assuming you plant inside your community.

Now that it’s summer, a tree can definitely help boost each home’s cooling mechanism. Plus, planting one can be a glorious opportunity for everyone to enjoy the sun while rolling up their sleeves.

Eat More Plants

Consuming seasonal and locally grown foods not just reduce your budgets but also help save our environments. The reason for this is that animal-based food requires more resources and water to produce. Plant-based foods, on the other hand, are better for our planet and healthier for the body.

Switch to Clean Sustainable Energy

For now, 81% of America’s total energy consumption is from fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal. These fuels are responsible for heating our homes, giving us electricity and running our cars. When these are burnt, however, they release harmful toxins and leave tons of carbon footprint.

We can protect our planet from this harmful emission by replacing fossil fuels with sustainable energy. Some innovative ways to do this are using wind, solar, geothermal, and water power.

For one, your community can install a solar farm or photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to save energy. The initial cash outlay may look daunting but solar panels save you a lot of money in the long run, far more than traditional energy sources.

When it comes to carbon footprints and pollution, working together as a community to implement crafty ways to green living is wise. It definitely works wonders compared to doing it all on your own. What’s more, you gain far greater courage when everyone works with you — and achieve more that way.

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