Plaintiff’s Remorse: What to Avoid During Motorcycle Accident Claim

Driving a motorcycle

No one wants to get involved in a road accident. But there are times when such an incident happens due to many reasons. Sometimes, it can be the rider’s fault. There are times when roadway defects and vehicle failure are to blame. But according to statistics, about 75% are caused by collisions with other vehicles on the road.

Getting involved in a motorcycle accident can be complicated. Many factors can affect your case. When filing for a motorcycle accident claim, your best bet to receiving the best possible compensation is by working with a competent motorcycle accident attorney. They can help you gather enough evidence to build a strong case. It is important that you seek legal assistance the soonest time possible after the incident.

But even with available free consultations from such lawyers, some fail to win a motorcycle accident case. This can be since they made the wrong decisions before filing. For best results, know the things you will want to avoid, such as the following.

Failure to gather enough evidence and witnesses

How else can you prove your innocence and seek compensation if you didn’t bother to gather evidence? It is not enough that you took pictures of the aftermath, gave your statement to the police, or asked a few witnesses to testify for you. There is another thing you should never take for granted so they won’t deny your case. These would be your medical records right after the accident.

The main reason why people file for an accident claim is to get proper compensation for any injuries acquired. If you don’t get yourself checked after the incident, how can you prove that accident is the cause of your injuries? How can you even prove you require compensation for injuries if you have no proof to show the court? Even if you feel you acquired minor-to-no injury at all, it is still important to get yourself checked and to keep your medical records as reference.

Motorcycle accidentAgreeing to a quick settlement

Some insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of clueless individuals seeking compensation for the first time. Some would blame the plaintiff and would try different tricks just to make it look like you don’t qualify for compensation. Some will rush the settlement process, saying you don’t need a lawyer as they will close the case asap. Don’t believe in such claims and seek advice from your lawyer. Your motorcycle accident attorney can negotiate for you and ensure your rights are exercised.

Skipping the case because you are partially at fault

There are times when the plaintiff is also to blame for the accident. Don’t be discouraged as you can still get compensation. There is what we comparative negligence. This splits the responsibility of compensating the damages depending on the allocation of fault. Note that different states may have varying principles when it comes to comparative negligence. Some will only acknowledge your case if your negligence caused less than 50% of the accident.

A motorcycle accident claim can be a complex claim. This is why hiring a competent lawyer makes sense. It is a must that you be careful in every decision you make so that your case won’t be affected. Also, don’t make the same mistakes as people did and you can avoid feelings of regret when fighting for your rights to compensation.

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