Pivotal Roles for a Successful Digital Marketing Team

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Digital marketing is an essential part of every successful business’s marketing strategy. If you want your digital marketing plans to work, you’ll need to assemble an efficient team of professionals who can get the job done. Here are the essential people you need on your digital marketing team and what they can bring to your marketing efforts as a whole.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designers specialize in web design and app design. They’re basically in charge of making sure your website and app look great on various devices and appeal to your target audience. They should know about UI/UX development and a background in CSS, HTML, jQuery, and JavaScript.

Web Developer

Web developers bring your UI/UX designers’ blueprints to life and oversee the hosting environment and the overall functionality of your website. Your ideal developer should be skilled at various coding languages, user interface design, HTML, jQuery, PHP, CSS, and software testing.

Web Content Manager

Web content managers are responsible for creating and curating the things that go live on your website. They should be skilled at creating compelling content such as e-books, downloadable content, blog posts, and webinars to drive traffic to your website and encourage sales. Working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and SEO is also useful.

Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists are in charge of all your social media profiles. These individuals are incredibly creative and can come up with engaging social media campaigns and content to increase your reach and influence. They should be proficient at using social media, have a working knowledge of social media best practices, have excellent writing skills, and experience in managing various social media profiles on different platforms.

Project Manager


Project managers, also known as digital marketing managers, liaise with the members of your digital marketing team as well as with members across all departments. They manage the entire digital marketing arm of your business and come up with strategies and marketing plans to grow leads and boost sales.

Creative Director

Creative directors manage the overall visual consistency of your brand. They come up with the general aesthetics of your digital marketing materials, but also your print marketing, as well. They should have a keen design eye, working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, and years of experience as a graphic designer, artist, or marketing assistant.


Copywriter keeps the voice of your brand cohesive and consistent across all channels. They’re responsible for creating copy for email marketing campaigns, social media, and website content. Sometimes, they may even be in charge of creating scripts or slogans for your marketing material.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work together with your creative director to bring their vision to life. Digital marketing is all about visuals, and graphic designers are skilled at creating eye-catching graphics and assets for all your needs. Their work can help your business stand out from the crowd.

SEO Specialists

SEO specialists take all the content delivered to them by the creative team (i.e., your creative director, copywriter, web content manager, and graphic designer) and optimize it for search engines. They should have a strong background in CSS, HTML, and SEO.

These are the pivotal roles you need to assemble your perfect digital marketing dream team. Finding the right people for the job ensures that you’ve got a strong marketing strategy in place and a successful business to show for it.

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