Major Types of Cloud-Based Services and Why Companies Should Have One

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The constant evolution of technology has paved the way in improving our lives, whether for personal or for work purposes. Basically, it continues to make our lives easier as more and more technological innovations have come up over the years.

For example, typewriters and even handwritten reports were eventually replaced by computerized typing jobs. Gone also are the days where you need a whiteboard or chalkboard to present a report. You can simply do that by arranging a slide presentation for your report.

However, your computer is not 100 percent perfect. In fact, your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phones are still prone to glitches that can compromise important data. Worse, these glitches can obliterate your precious data from your computer system for good.

That is why having a secure backup data is crucial for all types of businesses. In fact, there are cloud-based services for business that company owners should take advantage of. Having a cloud-based system can also provide protection for important data and avoid compromising your data’s security.

Different types of cloud services

There are different types of cloud services you can avail. Among these include the following.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This is used for storage and computation via the internet.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS). This one is commonly used by developers to create various web applications, again with the help of the internet.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS). This one is basically an end-user application. Among example of SaaS programs include payroll systems, customer relationship (CRM) systems, and web-based email systems among a few.
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). This one offers essential communication solutions such as video conference, email, and telephone systems using the internet.

What’s in a cloud system?

Having a cloud system is important for all computer users. As mentioned, it can help in storing valuable data without fearing of losing it due to file corruption or loss. Some still use a flash drive or save files directly in the computer up to the present day.

But anything can happen, say, a virus invading your computer and wiping out all of your data in your computer system. It can be one of the most stressful moments of your life, and you may end up having to start all over again. This will most likely not happen if you have a cloud-based storage system.

Having said that, it is a good investment to have a cloud-based system, especially if you are a business owner. Here are some reasons why.

Easy to use

Cloud concept

You won’t need the technical expertise of IT professionals to create a cloud system. There are a lot of cloud service providers that you can contact and avail their services from. Cloud service can also be accessed anytime, anywhere, and through different devices such as a tablet, laptop, mobile phone, or a computer.

Can share but not compromise important data

Having a cloud-based system gives you the capability of sharing data without compromising your security. That said, you can be assured of the security provided by a cloud system.

Can be easily updated

The software may become outdated over time. By availing a cloud-based software solution, you can get automatic updates without hidden fees. At the same time, it won’t cause hassles due to needed adjustments during software updating.

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