Improving Communication in the Workplace Will Benefit Your Business

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In an ideal world, there would be no arguments and misunderstandings in the workplace. Your employees would communicate freely with you. They would collaborate effectively on projects. The tasks would be done before the deadline. Clients would keep coming in, and the business would be booming. But alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. The truth is that miscommunication in the office happens all the time and employees have been less productive because of many kinds of distractions.

Having a VoIP phone system for small businesses will help improve the way employees communicate. There’s no reason for them not to connect with their coworkers, especially on projects that they collaborate on. Whether workmates are in the opposite ends of the office or the field, there should be constant and effective communication among them. Here are other ways that will help improve communication among coworkers and, in turn, benefit the business:

Leading by Example

Good management example will trickle down even to the lowest position in the office. Make sure that your managers are communicating and collaborating effectively. They should offer feedback, comments, and answers. They should share information with the whole team. You need to make it a point to have an open-door policy, both literally and figuratively. This means breaking down barriers that employees cannot come to you and voice out their opinions. Make them believe that their suggestions matter. You will gain not only their respect but their loyalty as well.

Being Open to Feedback

Just because you are the manager or the business owner does not mean that you cannot make mistakes in running the business. If there are employees who care enough to give you feedback, listen to them. If they don’t care about the business, they won’t even bother coming to you and making a suggestion. When an employee handed a report and you need it revised, make sure to be clear and detailed on what needs to be changed and why it needs to be changed. This can be a learning experience of the employee and for others on the team, too.

Setting up for a Regular Meeting

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Make it a point to have a few hours every week just for personal meetings with your staff. Anyone who needs to discuss something with you—whether personal or business—should be welcome. This will make your employees feel that they can trust you and that you are after their best interest. By touching base with your employees, you can find solutions to their concerns and iron out any issues in the office.

Not Making Assumptions

If something is unclear to you, call the attention of the people responsible for it. Do not judge based on what you hear from others, even if the “news” came from your managers. Set a non-confrontational meeting where your employees will be comfortable to open up to you. If an employee is lagging in his task, don’t quickly assume that they’re lazy and irresponsible. Seek out an explanation first.

The workplace is a cause of stress for many, but with proper communication, there should be fewer misunderstandings. This will contribute to better productivity. When your employees are more effective at finishing their tasks, your business only stands to gain.

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