Important Considerations on Effective Advertising

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Increasing brand awareness is the first step to attracting clients and establishing profitability in a competitive market. Without this crucial marketing step, your business has no room truly and consistently grow. It’s primarily a must if you’re planning to aim for maximum visibility across a wide range of mediums.

Before you start with your promotions, consider your options carefully:

Physical or Digital

Get this – traditional marketing isn’t dead. While online marketing is gaining a lot of traction among advertisers today, going offline (billboards, TVs, radio, newspaper) has its unique advantages. For one, accessibility. Believe it or not, not everyone is on the internet 24/7, and some aren’t savvy enough to confidently navigate the digital space, much more purchase from it.

The digital space, much like any physical space, can get a bit crowded. You will need a highly effective and aggressive digital marketing strategy to carve out a niche and cut through the noise. In traditional marketing methods, all you need is to be laser-focused on your target demographic to identify the most effective way to reach them and attract their interest.

Quality or Quantity

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The age-old debate in advertising is whether to invest in quality or quantity. Is “more” better? Or is simply “better” better?

The flawed idea that flooding people with meaningless advertisements should long be extinct. Although it’s tempting to go the easy route and boost your product’s exposure this way, it will achieve nothing at best and annoy your prospects at worst.

In contrast, with quality advertising alone, your brand will have fewer opportunities to take off. You have to touch that sweet spot that gives you maximum exposure without coming off as tacky.

That’s where the importance of billboards comes in. They provide the perfect balance between quality and quantity. After all, we’re visual creatures. We see LED lights behind trucks drift by, and for a second, they have our attention.

The flashing lights and CTA’s pasted on the giant screens mounted across highways, for example, not only turn heads but the impressions they create last.

Think about the last billboard you ever saw or the advertisement you keep passing by on your way to work. Chances are, you have a clear picture of it in your head.

Good Publicity or Bad Publicity

“Any publicity is good publicity” is valid only to an extent. Bad publicity happens when your brand promotion uses messages that are aimed at attacking specific individuals or communities and challenging moral principles.

For a brand that’s just starting, you can’t afford to be associated with negative press and attracting the wrong kind of attention.

We understand that every business aims to stand out from the sea of identical advertisements. Sometimes, this forces you to resort to politically and morally challenging messages.

Before you take that risk, do your research. If something tells you for one second that the kind of humor you’re going for won’t hold up, then scrap it. To make the lasting impact that you want, strive for tactful wit.

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