How to Design Awkward Spaces in Your Home

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From teeny tiny homes to awkward spaces and rooms with seemingly endless windows and doors, every house comes with its very own design challenges. Perhaps you have hit a design roadblock or feel that you could utilize your space better.

Whatever your reason for remodeling or redesigning your space, below are some practical suggestions to make common awkward and tricky spaces in your house more useful.

A Small House with a Long and Narrow Hall

Instead of leaving a long hall empty and letting it go unused, make better use of the space by installing floating shelves and cabinets. Because these floating pieces won’t be touching the floor, it won’t make the area feel and look cluttered or cumbersome.

You just have to get all your measurements in place and buy shelves and cabinets that will fit the space but won’t overwhelm it and make it feel cramped. It’s also a good idea to curate this space carefully since even the smallest amount of clutter will be an eyesore in this space.

The Slanted Space Under The Stairs

If your mortgage lender here in Arizona has already approved your renovation loan, you can use some of your funds to invest in custom cabinets that will fit perfectly under your stairs or a custom home office. You can even turn this space into a cozy reading nook, complete with a small chaise or daybed.

A Long Spacious Hall

If you have ample hall space, go for the art gallery look. You can go industrial chic with your walls and leave the concrete as is, go classic white, choose a dramatic color, or go crazy with wallpaper. Just make sure that you choose your backdrop well so that it will go well with the art pieces you want to showcase in your hall.

Don’t forget to add strategically placed lighting that will highlight your art.

A Living Room with Endless Windows and Doors

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A living room that has various windows and doors could be quite hard to decorate, but the trick is to place furniture pieces in the middle of the room instead of off to the sides. Take advantage of the symmetry that matching sofas can bring to balance the absence of walls and throw in a huge rug in the middle to anchor the space.

Small Space Without an Entryway

Resist the urge to squeeze in a small table or console behind your door because you’ll just have a hard time opening the door and make the entrance feel more cramped. Instead, place a storage piece, console, or large desk on an open wall that you can use as storage, workspace, or entertainment center.

In the event that putting a table just isn’t possible, opt for wall-mounted pieces and floating storage. A couple of hooks and floating cabinets or shelves will do the trick.

Yes, dealing with awkward spaces and cramped areas could be overwhelming. But with the right tips and tools, you could make the most out of these spaces and end up with a more functional home.

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