How to Choose the Right IP-PBX for Your Small Business

IP-PBX concept

Small businesses can benefit from basic tools such as email plug-ins, which enable them to access contacts without the need to reopen apps. They must also have click-to-IM, click-to-SMS, and click-to-call features on their email apps.

This is a great way to boost productivity, minimize costs, and allow the integration of third-party internet call service providers. It has to afford straightforward and real-time communications, which, in turn, will lead to improvements in daily productivity.

Offer adequate investment protection

You may want to think about how requirements can be varied and change over time, and ensure you obtain a system that will scale with your future company’s needs. This requires some very significant analysis. However, it is vital to pre-plan your final decision considering future scalability, and find a vendor that has been with your business for several years and has been proven capable of maintaining and supporting the system.

You can reduce the overall operational cost by planning to reverse the costing between operating and managing complex systems. Be sure to find easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain PBX solutions for small businesses. This will entail a much lower operation cost in the long run.

Guarantee mobility for remote workers

In 2016, internet use from smartphones exceeded statistics for laptop and computer use. The challenge for businesses is to balance the risk of opening the doors to mobility while taking advantage of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.

A lot of businesses are looking for alternate options, for instance, limiting functions and or restricting access to company information. Near Field Communication (NFC) apps benefit from session shifts from desk phone to NFC-enabled smartphones.

Now more than ever, companies are considering how mobile users and remote workers can work from anywhere, anytime, at their convenience. This offers the best solution for remote workers while lessening security risks at the same time.

Network evaluation

Network wiresSmall businesses can implement productivity-enhancing information technology services with minimized costs. With this, they face the dilemma of choosing between mobility, network security, quality of services, and the kind of services for local apps or cloud apps that can run over their preferred data network.

Technology will not solve all your communication problems

If you are a small business owner who intends to implement BYOD, VoIP, or any real-time app, it is vital to check on the status of your data network. With this, businesses can find the perfect balance between security risk, advantages in opening a network, and costs.

It is not the technology that you have, but how exactly you use it. The crucial point is to ensure you align your knowledge management systems with how your employees actually work.

Technology works, but it is vital to view it and your social system as a whole. There is a continuing convergence of technology, but some innovations are adopted faster than others. The challenge in the use of these disparate apps is in finding ways to keep the employers using the same tools. Or, to find a tool that binds the different apps.

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