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The secret’s out. IT teams are using automation to help them increase their productivity level and improve the quality of their work. Is your organisation using automation as part of your work process? Here is why you should start doing so if you haven’t fully done so.

More Secure Operations

Security begins with securing code at every stage of the build, from start to finish. This means from inception to post-release steps. Automated testing is inserted at crucial points in the build and simulated testing using potential issues.

These include network penetration testings that can be routinely performed to ensure that the system is impervious to hacking and various security threats. Testing is a time-consuming process but is a necessary step in ensuring the security and the reliability of a product, which is what brings value to the end-users.

Automation allows routine testing to run automatically on the day and time it is set to run, without any human intervention. It also allows IT Teams to perform unscheduled testing, whenever the need is, with a shorter lead time, giving them the ability to respond to and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

This is key in preventing downtimes and ensuring that the system is always up and running.

Faster Flow of Work

One of the other excellent benefits of implementing automation in the workplace is it that helps speed up the steps in the work process, allowing teams to do more work in the same amount of time. Automation also reduces errors and increases the accuracy of testing and product development.

It also lessens human intervention in critical points in various stages during product development, testing, as well as during deployment. Automating any part of the process that can be automated is key to reducing lead times and eliminating wasteful work practices and habits.

While this process does not work overnight, the impact and the results of automation are definitely worth all the effort.

More Time for High-Value Work

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As automation improves the testing methods in place, testing the code can be done in a much shorter time, yielding results that are more accurate than that which comes back from performing manual testing. Automated testing makes it possible for developers to integrate security into the build.

They do this so that they can test the code and expose its vulnerabilities at every stage of its development lifecycle. This results in a more secure and flawless product, eliminating the need for re-work to rebuild or correct the code due to lack of proper testing during the earlier stages of the build.

The time that used to go to reworking and rebuilding the code can now be diverted to developing new products and services that the organisation can turn into income-generating products and ones that deliver more value to the IT Team as well as to the end-users.

Automation paves the way for IT teams to work better and faster while eliminating the wasteful work practices and replacing it with more efficient ways, step by step. So, if you are still on the fence thinking whether automation is worth your time and investment, the simple answer is you can never go wrong with it.

Automation is the way of the future and investing in it is the best thing that you can ever do for your business, your people, and your end-users, too.

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