Health is Wealth: 3 Ways to Create Wellness Rooms in Offices

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Healthy employees are happy, productive employees. It’s no surprise then that corporate wellness programs quickly rose to popularity. Companies have become seriously creative with their efforts, from promoting take-the-stairs challenges and meditation classes to launching healthy snack selections at the cafeteria. Along with this is the change in the workplace environment. Where employees work has a huge impact on health, after all.

Today, workplaces are not just ‘places of work’, but spaces for better physical and mental well-being, too. Or at least that’s the goal. If you’ve been following office design trends, you may have heard of the latest addition to the modern office: the wellness room. It’s a special area designed for exactly that — wellness, which could mean anything, depending on your employees’ health needs. Here are types of wellness rooms you could introduce to your space:

Exercise Room

Of course, fitness routines are at the top of health priorities. While you may have partnered with third-party brands and offered free gym memberships to employees, it’s still nice to have in-house facilities your team can use anytime they’re free. The ideal exercise rooms are those that incorporate indoor and outdoor spaces. This allows employees to breathe in the fresh air and connect with nature while also experiencing the feel of a real gym. One thing you should prioritize in the exercise room is the noise control. Install flooring and wall treatments that will reduce sound. Consider rubber flooring and acoustic panels for that. As for the exercise tools, include yoga mats, resistance bands, weights, and if possible, at least a treadmill.

Relaxation Room

relaxing room

Beyond physical health, wellness rooms focus on mental well-being, too. It’s a reality that stress is ever-present at work, no matter what kind of environment you have, whether you’re in an open-plan office or traditional cubicles. Las Vegas-based interior designers then highly recommend that you dedicate relaxation spaces where employees can have some peace and quiet. Go as far as including taking occasional breaks as part of your policies, as people overlook this important habit when they’re too engrossed at work. Fill up your relaxation space with comfortable furnitures, like sofas, lounge chairs, and ottomans. Include some yoga mats and floor pillows for those who would want to meditate. Add eye masks, too, for employees who want to catch a quick power nap during lunch breaks.

Mother’s Room

Better physical and mental health is most crucial for employees who are going through big life changes, like for example, new parenthood. Why? They’re the ones who are more at risk for anxiety and depression, and its crippling effects, as they cope with the transitions while managing work tasks. It’s one of the big reasons a lot of new moms submit their resignation a few days after returning to work. So make every effort to ease their adjustment, dedicating a space for breastfeeding moms. Check out the laws in your locale, and you will find specifications for this. In general, though, you want to equip the space with a mini fridge, a comfortable sofa, and a writing desk, should your employees want to continue their work there.

Be Well

There’s nothing stronger and more productive than a healthy workforce. Consider adding wellness rooms to your office and see the difference in your team’s performance.

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