Expensive Auto Parts That Require Replacement

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As a car owner, you need to be ready for repairs and part replacements. Your car is not immune to expensive fixes, regardless of age and model. Whether the issue was caused by an accident, age or mileage, manufacturing faults, or simply maintenance habits, you need to know how much it will cost before heading down to the mechanics.

For replacements, you need to be especially aware of these.


The flywheel is only present in a car with a manual transmission, as an automatic transmissions use a flexplate instead. The flywheel ensures that the gears of your manual vehicle function properly when you use the clutch and keeps the car from vibrating too much.

When you notice that the gears keep on slipping whenever you shift the clutch, hear unusual transmission noises when using the clutch and smell something burning, similar to burning toast, your flywheel might be worn out and now requires replacement. A single replacement costs over a hundred dollars and the costs pile up, since you will need to replace the flywheel several times, especially when replacing your clutch.


Like the flywheel, clutch replacement only applies to manual transmission vehicles. A car with an automatic transmission does have a clutch, but replacing it means a “rebuild” for the entire system.

The same symptoms for flywheel replacement also applies to the clutch, including difficulties in changing gear, clutch slipping and transmission noises when using the clutch. Each clutch replacement typically costs several hundred dollars and the frequency of clutch replacement builds up the costs.

exhaust system of a car

Exhaust system

Your car’s exhaust system has four main functions: it directs exhaust fumes outside your car and away from passengers, controls the noise your vehicle makes, improves fuel consumption and enhances the performance of your engine. The layout and the number of valves in your exhaust system varies depending on the car’s make and model, but all exhausts work in the same way.

The entire exhaust system rarely requires a spontaneous and simultaneous replacement, but small problems start a ripple effect. Even if you replace certain components, issues like general wear and tear can prevent a part from fitting, leading you to replace the entire exhaust system.

The price of a new exhaust system varies per make and model, but it is always among the most expensive parts to replace. You need a system that specifically fits your car, so if you own a mustang, you have to buy a new mustang exhaust system. The more exotic the vehicle, the more expensive an exhaust replacement will be.

Air conditioning compressor

The air compressor separates the low and high pressure air to cool down the entire car, including the engine. This is a must-have in Australia and, in warmer climates, it has to keep running all year round.

Symptoms that mean you need to replace your AC compressor include hot air, strange noises when you turn on the air conditioner and hot air blowing out of the vents. The price for compressor replacement is in the hundreds and varies per car model. It will cost you another hundred dollars if you need to charge the Freon.

The jacked-up prices of replacing these auto parts will drive plenty of car owners insane. Topped with soaring gas prices, keeping your ride requires a huge amount of investment. Now that you know which expensive replacements to save up for, however, you can make enough room in your budget to keep your vehicle running.

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