Ensure that Your Pump Won’t Break

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Water pumps can be an essential part of your home, allowing you to get water when you need it. However, they are mechanical devices, and they can be pushed too far if misused. This can result in breakdowns and even worse. Keep these safety tips in mind so that your pump won’t have any problem:

Always Read the Manual

All water pumps come with a manual on how they operate and what they can do. This is why it is essential that you read it thoroughly. It will give you an idea of what procedures need to be done for a smooth operation. For example, some pumps use a manual pri ming system, while others use a vacuum-priming system. Using a different process will cause problems when you are priming the pump.

Even if you are experienced with the use of pumps, you still need to read the manual. Each water pump model is different, and this shows. Though most general safety specifications are the same, there might be specific quirks in the model that may need special attention.

Place the Pump in a Clear Space

Another safety tip is where you place the water pump. Though it can be tempting to shove it in the corner of your basement to keep out of the way, your pump needs to have a clear space around it. Make sure there are no obstructions for three feet around the pump.

This is because a pump generates large amounts of heat when it is in operation. The heat will not be able to go anywhere in a restricted space, which means that your pump will be quicker to overheat. This can turn the pump into a fire hazard if left alone. It is best to place your pump outside so that the air can cool it while it is in operation. You should also avoid placing flammable objects near the pump so it won’t ignite.

Monitor the Pump’s Temperature

Like any mechanical device, a pump generates heat when it operates. If you run it for a reasonable amount of time, it won’t be that hot. However, if you need to push it hard because you need large amounts of water, then it will heat up very quickly and can end up damaging itself. Check on your pump after a few hours of operation to see if it has gotten really hot. If it has overheated, then turn it off for some time so that the pump will be able to cool down for some time. You should also vent the pump from its drain plug. Consult with your manual to see what you should do before starting it up again.

Never Use a Water Pump for Different Liquids

Water pump being fixed

There are times when you might think that a water pump is as good as any to pump out gas or other liquids. That is a bad idea since water pumps are designed for water only. Pumps are specially designed for the liquid they will be pumping so any other fluid can damage your pump.

Following the safety tips above can go a long way in keeping your pump secure. Proper maintenance is all that it needs to keep on working for decades, and you will appreciate all that your water pump can do.

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