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Achieve Your Juris Doctor Dreams

While there may have been some people who became inspired to become a lawyer because of the Suits series, you can’t overlook the fact that it is a fictional story that has glamorized the “lawyer life.” No one can deny how they made it seem easy and attractive to pursue the gruesome journey of law.


Both Community and Police Will Need Big Data Transparency

In theory, committing a DUI offense is not tied to one’s socio-economic status, race, sex, or cultural background. The question is simple: were you driving under the influence? The defined legal limit, a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08%, is unambiguous. Yet, in practice, this area of the law is a tangle of complications and

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The Role of Children in the Community

The role of community on children has been discussed for decades and decades. A quick search on Google will show dozens of articles about the benefits and overall impact. You’ll probably find that a good number of articles uses the quote: “It takes a village to raise a child.” But how about the opposite. How do

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In the Footsteps of Mother Theresa: Starting a Successful Nonprofit

We should thank people who find it in themselves the courage to help others despite their own struggles in life. And we need not look far to find inspiration. The story of Mother Theresa, a saint who dedicated her life to the care of the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India, should be foremost in mind. After her


How Volunteering Can Help You Build a Career

The job market is overwhelmingly competitive. You need all the edge you can get to land the job you’ve been dreaming of. And sometimes it will take sweat and blood before you finally hear that sweet-sounding phrase “you’re hired”.  You must prepare yourself thoroughly for your job application. You cannot just wing it. You need all the


Keeping the Neighborhood Safe from Crime in the Time of Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing everyone to the limit. Millions are struggling with unemployment and the government is depriving the unemployed of enough sustenance to survive for the coming months. Rent is high. Food is expensive; the crime rate in many areas is staying bad. As the months of 2020 raged on, the crime rate


Improving the Lives of the Less Fortunate During the Pandemic

The pandemic had a significant effect on businesses across the country. Thousands of businesses closed, with some of them shutting their doors permanently. The closures resulted in the unemployment of thousands of Americans. Around 40 percent of the unemployed had been out of work since the pandemic started. Companies that remained open also asked their


Surprising Benefits of Volunteerism: Enhancing Self-fulfillment and Satisfaction

Doing volunteer work offers many advantages such as making new friends, learning new skills, feeling healthier and happier, and even offering opportunities to advance your career. Volunteering helps enhance your self-fulfillment and satisfaction because you are doing something that helps other people. Through volunteer work, you can discover new skills and unlock your potentials so

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There’s Room for Everyone: Fostering Multi-Intelligent Communities

All kinds of jobs fulfill a purpose in the community. Yet people are treated differently based on their employment. Intellectual professions are respected, while manual labor is treated with pity or disdain. As early as 1983, Howard Gardner told us it shouldn’t be so. His theory of multiple intelligences recognized that aside from high test

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Types of Businesses that Make a Difference in the Community

Starting a business is not an easy decision to make. You must get into it with adequate knowledge and essential skill sets. Plus, you must be brave enough to face the risk of incurring a financial loss. That is part and parcel of the whole endeavor. Regardless of the amount of planning and preparation you

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