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Running a Scholarship Program: Pointers on Improving Your CSR Plan

When companies think of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to boost their reputation and do good for their community, they often think of initiatives centered around the environment, charitable giving, and community volunteering. While these three things are needed and have a place in the world of CSR, many companies also need to look into helping underserved members of the

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Why Is There a Need to Reduce Road Accidents? Here’s What to Know

The need to reduce traffic accidents is simple: it saves lives and prevents damages and injuries. It saves you from the financial hassle of fixing your car and paying for the hospital bill after injuries. Avoiding road accidents will also save you from the emotional trauma of losing people in your life after a serious

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Safety First: How to Protect Your Home and Your Community

Crime rates still exist despite the pandemic. Experts believe that the pandemic might have exacerbated the problem. As the economy stumbles, people become ever more desperate in gaining the funds they need to survive. Because of this, crime happens, creating a negative feedback loop that’s hard to ignore. During the start of the pandemic, crime

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4 Co-Parenting Tips You Should Know About

According to the CDC, 2019 data shows that for every 1,000 of the population, 2.7 of marriages end in a divorce. What many divorced individuals with families face is the challenge of raising their children in this setup. Distance takes a toll on communication, time, and the relationship itself. Meanwhile, the separation is already life-changing on

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Post-Pandemic Social Life: What Would it Be Like for Children?

The pandemic got us all complaining about staying at home. We missed our friends, traveling, and partying. Working from home turned out to be more stressful. And every day, you’re dreading what you might hear on the news. We adults thought we had it the worst. But it’s our children who could be experiencing that.

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How Communities Can Support Working Parents

It is often extremely difficult for parents to work while raising a family, which is why it is common for one parent to quit their job and stay at home to take care of the kids. Factors like daycare costs, lack of parental benefits, and the difficulty of childcare in general all come into play

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Training Employees and Community Members Effectively

Every community or organization needs to properly train its community members or employees to continuously produce quality work. Unfortunately, training is among the most commonly overlooked aspects of leadership and organization. Below are some reasons why it’s necessary and how you can apply it in your establishment. The Importance of Training Many employees or community

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How Gun Businesses Can Help Make Communities Safer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, firearms were the cause of the deaths of 39,707 people in 2019. This figure includes deaths from suicides, homicides, murders, and mass shootings. With still no significant moves towards sustainable gun laws, we can only expect this number to rise in the following years. While gun

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Facilities That Help Create a Positive Change within a Community

The relationship between neighbors is fostered through community activities. For these events to take place, areas built specifically for such activities are important. Locals can build camaraderie with their neighbors and be able to create a positive living environment within the community.  Recreational facilities play a big part in cultivating a good community relationship. These

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