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5 Industries that Benefit Most from Social Media

Social media marketing is relatively new in the business world, and many assume it’s a ‘marketing fad.’ However, despite the skepticism around it, according to consumer reports, 92% of business owners state that they trust social media and word-of-mouth marketing more than other forms of advertising. Although any business can benefit from social media, there


Website Design for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to build an online presence if they want to market their brand and boost sales, and that starts with designing the website. People often decry tech as bland and lifeless, but website design is a great way to flex your creative muscle and further your brand. You can choose a playful design,

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Nine Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Computers

Upgrading your business’ computers can improve a lot of aspects in your business, from customer experience to employee efficiency. Find out if it’s time to upgrade by looking for these signs. You may have invested in top-notch units when you first started your business, but there will come a time that they will become outdated.

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Keeping Business Data Safe

Running a business nowadays is much more complicated. One issue that you need help with is data security. Even if you don’t accept credit cards, you still get vital information from your customers like their personal details and the like. Data thieves can steal and use these. Knowing a person’s e-mail can be useful to

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