Bad SEO: Things You’re Doing That’s Hurtful to Your Website

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Using SEO for any business can help it rank better on Google and other search engines. It’s a good practice to keep your website on Page 1 of search results. This may take some time, but the result is long-lasting. However, there are SEO practices that you shouldn’t do because it will only hurt your company’s rankings.

You should contact a reputable SEO firm here in Melbourne to make sure that what you’re putting on your website won’t harm it. Here are some SEO practices that harm Google rankings.

Big No-Nos

Hidden text is “hidden keywords” invisible to the human eye, but bots can see. It’s forbidden to use this on a website. Having extra keywords on a website – especially those that are prohibited – will only hurt than do any good.

It is hard to say which kinds of SEO tactics to use if you’re not an expert on the matter. But consulting an SEO firm for your business can help you in using the correct strategy. Some experts suggest that buying links is alright, although Google disagrees with it.

Of course, Google still has the last say. It is their search engine, after all. If you must do it, make sure buy links that have different anchor texts unless you want to get flagged on the search engine. Better yet, consult an SEO firm and talk about your options because they can help you with your SEO issues.

Remember that original content is one of the most important aspects of good SEO. Say no to plagiarism. Search engines became very strict through the years, and their system can even detect spinning in this day and age, so original content is still a big part of any website.

SEO Crimes

It won’t get you in jail but did you know that link exchanges are also bad? Someone might link to your website, and you’re thankful, and you want to return the favour. You can do that by linking back to them using a different site of yours and not the one they linked to.

Link exchanges between two websites are not effective anymore today. Gone are the days when a writer only needs to stuff the article with as many keywords as they can. That will not help these days. However, you can use them “strategically” in the article.

You might come across link directories, and this may seem interesting, but there are ones that just add links to their website. This means they are not screening anymore, which URLs to put on their directories. This can also hurt your site because these directories are useless and, worse, harmful for your website.

SEO for Serious Business

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Having broken links on a website can also hurt it. This may not be the number one crime to commit in SEO, but it still hurts a website. Broken links are the ones from sites that either moved, deleted or restructured.

Last is the “weird” anchor text. An anchor text is the “text” located in the “inside a link.” The anchor text should blend in naturally so that Google will not flag it.

Better SEO practices help your business rank well on Google and other search engines. Doing something “bad” that catches the attention of its algorithm will only hurt your ranking or even put in a spot where no one can find it.

Contacting an SEO company is a great idea. They know what to do, and they know how they can help you.

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