Why Actual Work Exposure Isn’t as Overrated as You Think

People spend their years studying in school, hoping that, by the time they graduate, they will find employment and start earning a living.

Despite the growing number of billionaires who were dropouts, in the present, formal education is still an important factor considered by employers when sifting through job applicants. University teaches students the knowledge and skills they need so that, when they enter the labor pool, they have all the tools that they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

However, often, schooling is not enough. While educational institutions enable learning, it has a different environment and expectations compared to work.

A survey conducted in the United States revealed that only 5 percent of adults believe that high school graduates are ready to enter the workforce and reach their professional goals. Meanwhile, just 13 percent of respondents said that college graduates have the capacity to do well in their professional roles.

Singapore, despite having one of the best educational systems in the world, is aware that, sometimes, schooling cannot prepare young people for the demands of the real world. The city-state is encouraging young people to sign up for workplace training programs so that they can get experience in the field of their choosing. As a result, Singaporeans are highly skilled workers who are sought after by international employers.

Create Connections

University provides you opportunities to create connections with young people interested in entering the same industry. However, while it is important to interact with like-minded people, through work, one can form relationships with individuals who can open opportunities and advance their careers.

An internship allows students to network before they even leave university. It will help them reach their goals faster because they will have the professional connections they would need once they enter the workforce.

For example, a technology startup who signs up as an intern in Google will have access to potential investors who may award them the funding they need to build their product and scale their operations.

In the world of work, the more professionals you meet, the better your chances are succeeding.

Gain More Than Just Technical Skills

Schools are effective at instilling technical skills that students will need to perform their jobs efficiently. However, being a professional requires more than just technical skills.

Organizations around the world are looking beyond a person’s educational background. After all, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg were college dropouts. They have proven that going to university is not an indicator of future success in the workplace.

Being exposed to actual work can teach you the value of making a daily schedule, prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines, and effectively collaborating with people from all walks of life. Moreover, it will improve your communication skills and boost your confidence so that you can work with and talk to anyone.

Become a Competitive Job Applicant

The global job market is competitive. As more people enter the labor pool, the requirements needed to be considered by a potential employer rises.

Having prior work experience will be an advantage.

If you were an intern, you would stand out from other job applicants. Employers will want your real-world exposure to the industry because it means you would need less training. You would know what to do and what is needed from you once you get the job.

Moreover, it is also proof that you are ready to work. It will show potential employers that you have the passion and drive for the industry because you sought out learning beyond university.

Get Your Foot in the Door

Internship, no matter how short, is a huge leap toward employment. As an intern, you would not have to beef up your resume to be noticed by the potential employer. You have the opportunity to impress them and exhibit what you can contribute to the company.

Companies have an incentive to offer interns a full-time role because it lowers the cost of recruitment and shortens the amount of time wasted during the hiring process. In addition, the company already knows that the intern is a good fit and, therefore, the rate of employee turnover will be lower.

If you did a good job, there is a possibility that you will have employment waiting for you after you graduate.

Do not underestimate the value of having real-world exposure. While university can give you the tools you need to survive, having experience in the office or on the ground will help you develop the skills that will help you achieve your goals.

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