4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Court Reporter

Court Reporter

Court hearings to settle legal matters are often lengthy and complex. There are several parts of a proceeding, including each party’s depositions, rebuttal, counter-rebuttal, testimonies, judgment, and more. Because of this lengthy process, it’s often difficult to keep track of important words spoken by a judge.

That’s why it’s important to get the help of a court reporter. With sufficient knowledge and expertise on the law, as well as unprecedented ability to navigate digital platforms and convert the spoken word to writing, they can help judges, lawyers, and clients further understand the proceeding. Here are the reasons you need to hire a Phoenix AZ court reporter.


The most obvious and vital reason you need a court reporter is that they can deliver accurate and clear transcriptions of court hearings. The law is very complex and complicated. Things will be said in a courtroom that cannot be understood by someone without legal knowledge. The meanings of legal jargons and cannot be implied easily. They’re prone to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding.

A court reporter is backed by the necessary legal knowledge to fulfill their duties. Although not as well-versed as lawyers, they still have the sufficient information they need in order to make precise and accurate legal transcriptions. They can understand the jargon and terms that are said in court better than a person with no legal expertise.

Smooth proceedings

In a court proceeding, arguments can often get heated and the tension in the room elevates intensely. When this happens, there’s a tendency for the parties to talk over each other at once. It makes it difficult to manage dialogue and get a clear understanding of the case’s progress.

More than just creating transcripts of the proceeding, court reporters are trained to manage the dialogue inside the courthouse. They can help make the flow of the session much smoother by intervening to settle matters clearly and concisely. This also helps shorten the proceeding and end it in an organized manner.


Quick turnover of transcripts

A party to a legal proceeding usually hires a lawyer to settle all the legal matters for them. This is due to insufficient knowledge about court procedures or legal concepts. But despite that, they still play a significant role in their cases. They must have a clear understanding of their case and the events of court proceedings.

Some clients would want to get more in-depth and read the court transcripts. This will enable them to find out exactly what the judge ruled, the arguments of the parties, the testimonies, etc. That’s where a court reporter comes in. Because of their expertise in the field, they can deliver court transcripts faster, while retaining the quality of the output.

Shorten the proceedings

Court proceedings for a specific legal case do not usually end after one hearing. Instead, there are a series of hearings conducted on different dates. Because a judge has to hear several cases a day and the lawyers are also handling other clients, there’s often a need to refresh the parties on the status of the proceedings. To be exact, the judge usually requires the restatement of testimonies in court.

A court reporter is trained to scan through digital recordings of the testimonies conducted. With this ability, they can save everyone in the court house serious time and energy, thereby shortening the duration of the proceeding.

Just as much as a client needs a lawyer to represent them in court, they also need the help of a court reporter. This will enable them to understand their case, save time, and get accurate reports on the status of the court proceedings.

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