Relocating with Kids: How to Make the Move Smoother


The increase in “wanderlust” has led to the huge rise in the number of people moving overseas. Factors such as lifestyle change, career progression, and the fact that being well-traveled has now become a necessity for many has made the idea of relocating appear to be much less overwhelming than before.

Moving to a new country and trying to start a new life, however, is a really big deal. If children are involved, the emigration process can become even more daunting. Ensuring that the relocation is successful for everyone will take an immense amount of advance planning and preparation.

One thing to keep in mind is that if there are any legal custody and visitation arrangements involved, it is always important to consult a child custody attorney in Kent prior to making any major decisions. Here are some ways to make the move overseas a more positive experience for the children:

Involve the Children in the Planning Process

Most experts agree that involving children in all stages of the planning is key to helping them process the impending changes and adjust to the new country better. Provide them with as much information about the move as possible. All questions should be answered completely, truthfully, and patiently. Creating a relocation timeline, for instance, and posting it in a prominent location in the house is one way to prepare the kids and get them excited, too. Fill in the calendar with important dates and events, and involve the children in these activities. These could include house hunting timelines, goodbye parties, school activities, and many others.

Prepare for Possible Language Barriers

kids in an Asian country

It is important for children to be able to create and communicate with new friends in the new country for them to adjust to the social environment more easily. Preparing children for possible language barriers should be planned early on. There are many ways to help them improve their understanding of the new dialect. These include signing them up for language lessons. Nowadays, there are many online classes available, which offers the flexibility that children need.

During the initial setting, it is also helpful to equip them with mobile applications that are designed to complete translations between any two languages. Even if they haven’t completely mastered the new dialect or language, these tools should help children acclimatize to the new place.

Help Children Say Goodbye

Statistics show that relocating often happens during the summer months as this tends to make the transition from school to school a little easier for the kids. Before the season begins, make sure to allot time for children to say goodbye to their friends, school, and pets. Such farewells can help the transition to the new country easier for them.

Consider planning a going-away party to create lasting memories and let the children help plan the event. In addition, help them make a concrete plan on how they will stay in touch with friends and family. Involve their friends, if possible, too.

Moving to a new country is not easy. Moving with kids is a big emotional upheaval for the entire family. Children need time to process any change in their lives. Involving them in all aspects of the move will help make the transition easier for everyone.

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