Keep Your Child Entertained This Summer with These Fun and Educational Activities

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Summer is almost here which means the kids do not have to go to school every day. Now, you have to figure out ways to keep them entertained while they are at home or else they will waste the entire season laying on their backs and watching YouTube.

Here are some activities that will keep their brains engaged and learning at home:

Support Their Interest in Gaming

Most parents have the wrong impression that playing video games is bad for growing brains. On the contrary, this hobby offers numerous benefits for children.

Playing video games improves a child’s memory, problem-solving skills, coordination, and attention and concentration. Often, a player is placed in situations where they have to make split-second decisions that will impact their character’s survival which, in real life, enhances brain speed. These skills they carry in their day-to-day and onto their adult life.

To get your child started, get them the best pre-built gaming PC in the market. If they knew a bit about computers, let them build their own PC.

Open a Lemonade Stand

lemonade stand

This one is a classic. There is no better way to cool down on a hot summer’s day than to drink a cold glass of lemonade. Both pedestrians and drivers will head to your child’s lemonade stand to find temporary relief from the rising temperature.

This activity is easy to start and can be done right in front of your front door. All you need is lemonade (of course), a table, and a sign to start the business.

A lemonade stand can help your child practice their math skills and learn all about finances. They also get a chance to interact with people of all ages and from different backgrounds. Moreover, they are gaining skills that will come in handy in the future when they decide to open their very own business.

Science Experiments in Your Living Room

You do not need a chemistry laboratory to do experiments. There are easy and fun “science experiments” that you can do in the comforts of your own living room. For example, a chemical volcano is easy to do by pouring vinegar on baking soda. You can use an empty plastic bottle and cover it with brown paper/brown clay to make it look more like a volcano.

Another fun chemistry experiment involves the use of water, vegetable or mineral oil, food coloring, and fizzing tablets to create your very own homemade lava lamp. They are easy to do, fun, and will encourage your child’s interest in the sciences.

Coding Boot Camp

The biggest companies in the entire world constantly hire developers to their team. People who can code are in high demand in the job market and will likely continue to be valuable in the increasingly digital world.

Start your child’s journey into coding as early as now. There are apps that teach children how to code in fun ways. For example, codeSpark Academy, an award-winning app, has a game-like interface that encourages kids to use logical thinking and problem-solving skills to help characters called The Foos. They learn how to code without even knowing that they are being taught a fundamental skill!

School is not the only place where children can learn. Learning should start at home under your supervision. By doing these fun activities, your kids get to use their time productively and you can create a strong bond as a family.

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