Five Household Items You Probably Didn’t Know Are Flammable

Nail polish

Despite what you might think, there are still so many things about the world that could surprise you. In fact, you might be surprised to know that some of the items in your home you thought are safe are actually flammable and could turn your house into ashes.

If you’re applying for homeowners insurance in Wisconsin, it would be wise to know what items in your home are dangerous.

Nail polish

It may be fun to paint your nails, but you should know that nail polish and nail polish removers are highly flammable due to their acetone content. You can find this chemical in paint thinners and glue removers.

Acetone is so flammable that an electrical spark from an exposed wire or prolonged exposure to sunlight can light it up. Be careful with your nail polish items. Store them in a cool place away from any electrical equipment.

If that’s not enough, acetone is also dangerous because prolonged use of any item with this ingredient could lead to eye, skin, or lung irritation. Some experts even say that prolonged exposure to acetone could damage the nervous system.


Out of all the items in your kitchen you could think of that could start a fire, you probably didn’t think that oranges would be in that list. Yes, oranges are actually flammable — but not the whole fruit. The orange peels are the items you should be careful with because the limonene in them is a flammable substance.


Ping-Pong ball

They may look harmless, but those white hollow balls could actually set a house on fire. Ping-Pong balls are made of celluloid, which is what film reels are made of. If you know your cinema history, you would know that film reels back then were considered highly dangerous because they’re highly flammable.

You couldn’t even board a plane or a train if you’re bringing film reels with you. It also doesn’t help that they’re hollow inside. They’re easier to light up because oxygen inside the balls will help feed the fire.

Hand sanitizer

This one may not come as a surprise to you because hand sanitizers have alcohol. Alcohol is highly flammable, so the hand sanitizer you often bring with you to restaurants or airplanes can light up in a jiffy if exposed to too much heat. So, keep them in a cool place and don’t use them too close to a fire.


If you like using hairspray, that’s fine. Just don’t store them in a hot place like the kitchen or outside under the sun. Most aerosols have alcohol in them so they’re highly flammable, too. In fact, if you watched the TV show MacGyver back in the 80s, you might remember the genius secret agent using hairspray as a flamethrower in several episodes.

So, these are some of the household items that could burn a house if you’re not careful. Fortunately, as long as you remind yourself how to use and store these items properly, your home will be safe and sound.

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